Bring DiRT into your classroom with our "assignment-in-a-box"

Exploring and assessing tools for digital research is a common aspect of digital humanities courses. The DiRT directory’s new tool review feature can play a role in digital humanities curriculum development by offering a public space where students can share their evaluations in a way that will help others decide which tools to adopt.

DiRT steering committee member Shawn Day has developed a tool review assignment that can be incorporated into digital humanities courses, and other digitally inflected curricula (e.g. digital literacy seminars, professional development workshops for librarians, etc.) This “assignment in a box” can be used as is, or can be freely modified to meet the particular needs of the course. It is currently available as a “beta” release; feedback on the assignment, both from instructors and from students, is welcome via our contact form. We will revise the assignment or include variations depending on the ongoing response from users.

Many thanks to Shawn for this important step towards bringing DiRT to the classroom!

Note: This is the eighth in a series of announcements about new features and developments for the DiRT directory, which will continue all this week. We've previously covered our affiliation with centerNet, integration with DHCommons, Spanish translation work, tool reviews, export options and API, adding tools using Twitter, the new tool lists feature, and TaDiRAH terms and RDF. Check back the rest of this week for more "dirt" on DiRT!

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I'm looking forward to exploring and integrating this site's treasures with my students and fellow colleagues.