Project Bamboo

The Bamboo Content Interoperability Hub (CI gub) is an effort to largely automate the time-consuming process of downloading and compiling data from different repositories and archives and standardizing some of the format differences.

Last updated: 2 Nov 2014

The HubZero Bamboo Work Space is an instance of HubZero enhanced with the combined functionality of the Bamboo Services Platform, Content Interoperability Hub, and Person Service built-in.

Last updated: 3 Sep 2014

The Bamboo Services platform, currently in development, provides a number of useful features for tool developers who want to make their tool available as a service, including authentication and authorization options and a result-caching service that allows users to start long-running automated analysis jobs and receive a notification when their data is ready.

Last updated: 16 Jun 2014

The Bamboo Person Service can help scholars access all the resources (tools, collections, and shared data) they have permissions for due to their institutional affiliations, scholarly society membership, association with research groups, etc. By connecting accounts from these different groups (e.g. a Google account for a research group, a university ID, and a generic username for a scholarly society), scholars will be able to use resources provided by any of these groups, in any work space or tool environment within the Bamboo ecosystem.

Last updated: 16 Jun 2014
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