DiRT adds "Tool list" feature

The DiRT directory’s collection of tools for digital research continues to expand, making it harder to keep track of individual tools you encounter while browsing. To address this growing need, DiRT has developed a new “Tool list” feature.

Once you create an account and log into DiRT, a new icon will appear at the bottom of any tool’s profile. Click it to add the tool to your tool list.


Your tool list

To access your tool list, hover over the “Users” menu item at the top of the screen.


Your tool list page displays the logo, name and link, and description of each tool you’ve added to the list, along with an option to remove that tool from your list.


Downloading tool information

At the bottom of your tool list, there are links for downloading a CSV or JSON. These export options contain all of the textual information in the tool’s profile. If you want to pull information about tools you use into another website, you can copy the CSV or JSON download links for use outside of DiRT, without having to authenticate.

The Geohumanities SIG, for example, is using the tool list feature to maintain a list of geospatial tools. They use the CSV export to periodically pull the most recent information about those tools onto their website. Geohumanities SIG members will be able to add more specific geospatial information about the tool listings on the Geohumanities website, while contributing to the maintenance of the primary information about those tools on DiRT itself.

If you want to maintain a list of tools relevant for your group or organization and another website, and want advice on how to integrate information from DiRT using the tool list feature, please contact us.

Note: This is the seventh in a series of announcements about new features and developments for the DiRT directory, which will continue all next week. We've previously covered our affiliation with centerNet, integration with DHCommons, Spanish translation work, tool reviews, export options and API, and adding tools using Twitter. Check back the rest of this week for more "dirt" on DiRT!