DiRT partners with TAPoR to provide "recipes"

The DiRT directory is happy to announce a partnership with TAPoR that will involve, among other collaborations, a joint effort to further develop the Methods Commons (methodi.ca). The Methods Commons is a collection of “recipes”, or step-by-step guides to how to apply digital tools to scholarly problems. Many of these recipes illustrate how to use multiple tools together, which provides additional, helpful context for DiRT users exploring how they might incorporate particular tools into their project.

Like reviews and projects, recipes (if available for a given tool) are presented in a tab on the tool’s DiRT profile. For example, DiRT editorial board member Doug Duhaime has contributed an example recipe on how to index text files with Python.

As part of DiRT’s partnership with TAPoR, textual tools that are also listed in TAPoR now include a link to the tool’s TAPoR profile in the “other directories” tab. TAPoR profiles feature slightly different metadata than DiRT (such as information on background processing and ease of use), and are worth consulting while investigating a tool.

The new Methods Commons site, like DiRT, uses TaDiRAH goals and methods as one way of organizing its recipes. In the coming months, it will play an important role in disseminating code snippets and nascent tools developed as part of the Text Mining the Novel initiative. If you are interested in contributing a recipe to Methods Commons, please contact us for an account on the site.

The integration between the Methods Commons site and DiRT was accomplished using a modified version of the DiRT/DHCommons integration modules developed by Agile Humanities Agency (as discussed here). If you have a Drupal site with information that would enrich DiRT’s tool profiles, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a similar arrangement.

Note: This is the tenth in a series of announcements about new features and developments for the DiRT directory. We've previously covered our affiliation with centerNet, integration with DHCommons, Spanish translation work, tool reviews, export options and API, adding tools using Twitter, the new tool lists feature, TaDiRAH terms and RDF, and the “assignment-in-a-box”. Check back for more "dirt" on DiRT!