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What kind of data should the tool work with?

QGIS es un sistema de información geográfica de fuente abierta fácil de usar, bajo la licencia de GNU (General Public License). QGIS es un proyecto oficial de OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial Foundation). Se ejecuta en Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows y Android y soporta numerosos vectoriales, raster, y formatos de bases de datos y funcionalidades.

Last updated: 7 Jun 2016

DSpace is the software of choice for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations building open digital repositories. It is free and easy to install "out of the box" and completely customizable to fit the needs of any organization.

DSpace preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, mpegs and data sets. DSpace has an active community of developers and is used by thousands of institutions worldwide.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014
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