Note: DiRT's RDF feature is currently a beta release. Some of the mappings may require further revision. If you have suggestions for how to improve the RDF feature on DiRT, please contact us.

DiRT uses RDFa as part of its its tool profiles. DiRT also provides a SPARQL endpoint (http://dirtdirectory.org/sparql) for searching the indexed RDF data.

Here are the mappings between DiRT fields and RDF predicates.


RDF Types: sioc:Item, foaf:Document

Fields RDF predicates Mapping type Datatype
Tool name dc:title property xsd:string
Description dc:description property xsd:string
Platform dc:relation rel xsd:string
Developer dc:creator rel xsd:string
Tags dc:subject rel xsd:string
Webpage dc:identifier rel  
Depends on dc:relation rel  
Categories dc:subject rel xsd:string
Code license dc:rights rel  
Screenshot dc:relation rel  
TaDiRAH goals & methods dc:subject rel  
TaDiRAH research objects dc:subject rel  
TAPoR dc:relation rel  
Licensing options dc:rights rel  
TaDiRAH techniques dc:subject rel  
Logo dc:relation rel  
Created dc:date, dc:created property xsd:dateTime
Changed dc:modified property xsd:dateTime
Author user ID sioc:has_creator rel  
Author name foaf:name property  
Comment count sioc:num_replies property xsd:integer
Last activity sioc:last_activity_date property xsd:dateTime