Steering/curatorial board

As the content and user base for Bamboo DiRT continues to grow, we've brought together the following group of volunteers from a diverse set of backgrounds to shape the future of the site and help keep our taxonomies relevant, useful and well-organized.

Jonathan Armoza

Jonathan Armoza works for Google as a Technical Account Manager, and part-time Engineer for Google’s digital humanities efforts. He has Bachelor’s Degrees in English Language and Literature from the University of Washington in Seattle, and in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. In his current position, he helps Google develop their digital humanities work, and acts an intermediary between them and the academy.

Agiatis Benardou

Agiatis Benardou is an Ancient Historian with a PhD in Classical Archaeology. She has worked for the Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, as well as on the documentation and information management side of the project on the digitization and digital documentation of the collections of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. She is now a scientific associate in the Digital Curation Unit, Athena R.C., where she initially worked for Preparing DARIAH. She has also worked on EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure). She is now leading the Workpackage “Assessing Researchers’ Needs in the Cloud and Ensuring Community Engagement” for the Europeana Cloud project.

Luise Borek

Luise Borek is a medievalist and literature scholar at Technical University Darmstadt. She was involved in an interdisciplinary collaboration on 'Interaction between linguistic
and bioinformatic processes, methods and algorithms' examining structural similarities between language and the genome. As a member of DARIAH-DE (part of the ESFRI-Project DARIAH-EU) she is working on creating an infrastructure and awareness for digital research in the arts and humanities.

Zach Coble

Zach Coble is the Digital Scholarship Specialist at New York University. Among other things, he is interested in in academic libraries, digital scholarship, library publishing, and new media.

Shawn Day

Shawn Day is a economic and social historian of Victorian Canada and currently lectures in Digital Humanities at University College Cork. He is Digital Humanities Co-ordinator at Queen's University Belfast and most recently was Project Manager of the Digital Humanities Observatory in Dublin, Ireland.

Seth Denbo

Seth is Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives at the American Historical Association where he oversees the publication and membership departments and is working to develop innovative digital projects. He has a doctorate from the University of Warwick and is a cultural historian of eighteenth-century Britain. He has taught British history in universities in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has also worked on digital projects at Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities at UMD and the Department for Digital Humanities at King's College London. Over the past 10 years, Seth has participated in the development of innovative digital tools and methods for historical scholarship. Drawing on his experience as a teacher and researcher he played a key role in several international projects that expanded capacity for digital scholarship in the humanities. He also conceived and organized an ongoing seminar in digital history at the Institute of Historical Research in London that has been at the forefront of fostering innovation in the use of digital tools and methods for the study of history.

Quinn Dombrowski

Quinn Dombrowski is the Digital Humanities Coordinator at UC Berkeley, based out of the Research IT group in the Office of the CIO. She is the developer for DHCommons and the current iteration of DiRT. Her background is in Slavic linguistics and Library and Information Science, and she was part of the original program staff for Project Bamboo. Her digital humanities projects have included documenting university library graffiti, and writing a guide to Drupal for humanists.

Abby Mullen

Abby is a PhD student in global history at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Her research is about the United States Navy in the early American Republic. She is a research fellow at the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, working on Viral Texts, a project that investigates the culture of newspaper reprinting in the 19th-century United States.

Jody Perkins

Jody Perkins is the Metadata Librarian in the Digital Initiatives Department at Miami University. As Librarian at the Akron Art Museum she co-authored and coordinated an Ameritech Grant funded digital library project. Since coming to Miami she has co-chaired the OhioLink Database Management Steering Committee, Digital Media Center Metadata Task Force, served on the OhioLink Digital Resource Center Metadata Strategies Task Force and presented on a variety of metadata related topics. Most recently a case study describing an experimental project using an opensource entity extraction tool with oral history transcripts will appear on the IMLS grant funded "Oral History in the Digital Age" project website.

Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro is the founding editor of the DiRT (Digital Research Tools) wiki, the predecessor of Bamboo DiRT. She is the executive director of Digital Scholarship Services at Fondren Library's Rice University.

Former members

Chad Curtis (2012-2013)
Josh Honn (2012-2013)
Kristin Williams (2012-2014)