What kind of data should the tool work with?

The Altmetric Explorer is a powerful web app that allows you to track the conversations around scientific articles online. Altmetric collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of postings about tens of thousands of articles and datasets each month. It makes this data available to end users through an intuitive user interface and to developers through an API.

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Last updated: 23 Mar 2016

Zotpress es un complemento de WordPress que permite a los usuarios agregar fácilmente citas de Zotero en un sitio de Wordpress, ya que usa una sintaxis especial que transforma un comando de cita de Zotero en una cita o referencia bibliográfica en línea, con el formato adecuado, de acuerdo con la información almacenada en Zotero.

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Luego de crear una cuenta gratuita, los usuarios pueden hacer minería de datos y analizar el contenido de JSTOR. Al enviar una solicitud de búsqueda, el usuario recibirá una muestra aleatoria de 1,000 documentos de entre los 4.6 millones alojados en JSTOR; se pueden recibir más documentos contactando a JSTOR directamente. Los usuarios pueden elegir recibir los siguientes resultados:

Last updated: 29 Apr 2015

EndNote is a reference management tool developed by Thomson Reuters that allows users to

  • Search databases right within EndNote
  • Collect full-text PDFs in one click
  • Organize references
  • Organize, rename, annotate, search and open PDFs
  • Sync desktop and online libraries
  • Build and format bibliographies
  • Write, polish and publish
  • Share research with colleagues and team members
  • Network and collaborate privately with your own team, or openly with the wider research community
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MLA, APA, Chicago / Turabian and most-common Bluebook forms as an integrated citing and note-taking platform for individual or group projects. Prompts for analysis of source types and is unique in offering teaching support and personal help on any citation. Instructor / librarian view allows teacher to comment on work-in-progress providing just-in-time feedback in-context. Archives copies of web pages and pdfs which can be annotated. Dashboard provides long-term access to a portfolio of work.

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