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What kind of data should the tool work with?

StoryMapJS is a project by KnightLab which aims to help journalists and historians tell stories by using maps using a straight-forward and simple authoring tool. It is constructed around a framework of highlighting the locations of a series of events. As an editing tool, it is relatively intuitive and easy to use.

Code license: Open source, MIT License
Last updated: 7 Jun 2016

*Especially useful for journalists.

Full review:

"TwXplorer helps make Twitter search more useful by helping users find and explore chatter about topics that interest them." (from twXplorer website)

Last updated: 9 Feb 2016

TImeline is an open source framework for visualizing data files and data feeds in a variety of formats via an aesthetically pleasing web display. Timelines are interactive and media rich.
User creates timeline by completing a google sheets template. The Timeline then processes and generates the code for display. Minimal programming knowledge is required.

Code license: Mozilla Public License
Last updated: 12 Aug 2015

JuxtaposeJS helps tell stories by comparing two image frames, including photos and gifs. It provides a means, by a draggable pane, to see the changes and visually analyse the differences between the two images.
It’s an adaptable storytelling tool that is ideal for highlighting then/now stories that explain slow changes over time (growth of a city skyline, regrowth of a forest, etc.) or before/after stories that show the impact of single dramatic events (natural disasters, protests, wars, etc.).

Code license: Open source
Last updated: 8 Jul 2015
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