What kind of data should the tool work with?

XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor.

* Validation as you type
* Tag protection
* XML Schema/Relax NG/DTD support
* XSLT, XPath
* Can run off a flash drive/without installation

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 1 Sep 2016

Pachyderm is a web-based rich-media interactive presentation authoring and publishing system that meets most accessibility requirements. It works off of an extensible template system. Pachyderm allows users to upload multimedia (images, audio, video) and publish them online using pre-defined templates or download them for use on their own website, or on a CD or DVD. Version 3 (released June 2014) now also supports iOS and other non-Flash devices using HTML5, and appears to be a major upgrade. Requires Apache HTTP or Tomcat web server installation (WAMP or MAMP is fine).

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 22 Feb 2016

Soundflower is a MacOS system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is easy to use, it simply presents itself as an audio device, allowing any audio application to send and receive audio with no other support needed.

Example: Play a YouTube video, and use Soundflower to route the audio signal into recording software such as Audacity.

Initially supported and developed by Cycling '74, the project now lives on Google Code where is has received updates from members there.

Code license: GNU GPL v2, Open source
Last updated: 12 Feb 2016

Specify is a database platform for museum and herbarium research data. It manages species and specimen information for computerizing biological collections, tracking museum specimen transactions, linking images to specimen records and publishing catalog data to the Internet. Specify is written in Java for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers and uses the relational data manager, MySQL, as its data engine. Specify, Java, and MySQL are free and open-source.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 10 Jan 2016

Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS), enabling users to build websites and applications.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 8 Sep 2015

Plone is a powerful, flexible, open source Content Management System (CMS) built on top of Zope application server and CMF.

  • Flexible and adaptable workflow
  • Customisable
  • Free add-ons
  • Versioning, history and reverting content
  • Support for multiple mark up formats
  • Multilingual content management
  • RSS feed support
  • WebDAV and FTP support
  • Integrates with Active Directory, Salesforce, LDAP, SQL, Web Services, LDAP and Oracle
Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 7 Aug 2015

Open Conference Systems (OCS) is a free Web publishing tool that can create a complete Web presence for scholarly conferences. It is a highly flexible management and publishing system that can be downloaded for free and installed on a local Web server. It has been designed to reduce the time and energy devoted to the clerical and managerial tasks associated with managing a conference, while improving the record-keeping and efficiency of editorial processes.

Last updated: 8 Jul 2015

Dropbox is a file hosting service that includes cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software across multiple platforms. Dropbox allows users to create a folder on each of their computers where any type of file can be saved, synchronized, and made available across all computers. Contents of the Dropbox folder are also accessible via and mobile applications. Individual files and folders can be shared with other Dropbox users or made publicly accessible.

Code license: Closed source, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 22 May 2015

WordPress is an easy-to-use web publishing platform originally designed around blogging that has now evolved with functionality as a robust content or learning management system, with many themes and plugins for extra functionality.

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 19 Oct 2016

RSiena is a package for the R language that enables the statistical analysis of network data, including longitudinal network data, longitudinal data of networks and behavior, and cross-sectional network data. It provides the same functionality available in SIENA (Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis), Windows software which is no longer maintained.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 13 May 2015

Praat is software for the phonetic analysis of speech, including support for articulatory and speech synthesis.

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 19 Feb 2015

xMod is a desktop application which can transform a repository of XML into a completely finished website.
The entire process can be setup and run to produce a basic website assuming some prerequisites:

  • A set of valid XML files. These would normally comply with a TEI DTD.
  • a configuration script that indicates the relationship between files
  • A 'personality pack' (CSS and image files) that determine its visual appearance. However if they are not present, the completed website falls back on a default look and feel.
Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. It is designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use. For example, you can use a Windows computer to create a Mac or Linux environment to test software or websites.

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

The cross-platform Advene application allows users to easily create comments and analyses of video documents, through the definition of time-aligned annotations and their mobilisation into
automatically-generated or user-written comment views (HTML documents). Annotations can also be used to modify the rendition of the audiovisual document, thus providing virtual montage, captioning, navigation... capabilities. Users can exchange their comments/analyses in the form of Advene packages, independently from the video itself.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 1 Dec 2016

Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers. Meld helps you compare files, directories, and version controlled projects. It provides two- and three-way comparison of both files and directories, and has support for many popular version control systems.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Mediathread is an open-source platform for exploration, analysis, and organization of web-based multimedia content. It interoperates with a variety of image and video collections (such as YouTube, Flickr, library databases, and course libraries), enabling users to lift items out of these collections and into a scholarly analysis environment. In Mediathread, items can then be clipped, annotated, organized, and embedded into compositions and other written analysis.

Code license: GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Annotation Studio is an open source, web-based annotation application that integrates a powerful set of textual interpretation tools behind an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Users can upload their own texts, and annotate with styled text, video, images, and weblinks. To date, the project has been used with great success in disciplines such as Writing, Literature, Foreign Languages, Anthropology, Film and Media Studies, and others at institutions including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Barnard College, and Washington University.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v2
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014
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