What kind of data should the tool work with?

Evernote is note-taking software in the cloud, with options for private and shared notebooks. Users can take text notes, and upload files to attach them to notes. Evernote has built-in OCR for images with printed or handwritten text. A premium account allows access to notebooks offline, as well as more storage and embedded PDF search.

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Last updated: 2 May 2015

MLA, APA, Chicago / Turabian and most-common Bluebook forms as an integrated citing and note-taking platform for individual or group projects. Prompts for analysis of source types and is unique in offering teaching support and personal help on any citation. Instructor / librarian view allows teacher to comment on work-in-progress providing just-in-time feedback in-context. Archives copies of web pages and pdfs which can be annotated. Dashboard provides long-term access to a portfolio of work.

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Last updated: 29 Dec 2014
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