What kind of data should the tool work with?

HEURIST ( is an extremely flexible, end-user oriented, web-based data management system designed specifically for Humanities data. Developed since 2005, it has been in active use across many projects since 2009. It is available both as a free web service for researchers (hosted at the University of Sydney Data Centre) or for installation on a physical or virtual server (Open Source on gitHub).

Researchers can design, create, manage, analyse, visualise and publish their own richly-structured database(s) through a simple web interface, without the need for a programmer(s). Quite complex databases can be built in a few hours by borrowing structures and vocabularies published by other users. Databases can be designed and built incrementally, as existing data are not affected by changes in structure. Databases created by Heurist are stored in MySQL with a repeatable structure facilitating independant access by other software.

Advanced features include record linking, graph structure, drill-down facet searches, rule-based queries, custom reports, linked map-timelines, network visualisation, normalised spreadsheet import, crosstabulation, XML feeds, XSLT transforms. The team provides initial email and skype assistance for project setup at no cost, and special customisations at modest cost.

Code license: Open source, GNU GPL, GNU GPL v3
Last updated: 13 Oct 2018

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder. Basic features, as listed on their website, include:

  • Record live audio.
  • Record computer playback on any Windows Vista or later machine.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording.
Code license: Open source, GNU GPL
Last updated: 24 Feb 2016

Transana is open source software for the transcription and qualitative analysis of audio and video.

Last updated: 23 Feb 2016

Soundflower is a MacOS system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is easy to use, it simply presents itself as an audio device, allowing any audio application to send and receive audio with no other support needed.

Example: Play a YouTube video, and use Soundflower to route the audio signal into recording software such as Audacity.

Initially supported and developed by Cycling '74, the project now lives on Google Code where is has received updates from members there.

Code license: GNU GPL v2, Open source
Last updated: 12 Feb 2016

Vertov is a free media annotating plug-in for the research tool Zotero. Vertov allows you to cut audio and video files into clips, annotate the clips, and integrate annotations with other research sources and notes stored in Zotero. You must first download and install Firefox and Zotero before using Vertov.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2015

NVivo is commercial software for qualitative analysis of unstructured data, in a range of formats and from diverse sources. Enables users to collect, organize, and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media, videos, and webpages.

Code license: Closed source
Last updated: 30 Oct 2015

Transana is a computer program that allows researchers to transcribe and analyze large collections of video, audio, and image data.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2015

From the web site:

music21: A toolkit for computer-aided musicology

Code license: Open source
Last updated: 27 May 2015

HyperRESEARCH enables users to code and retrieve, build theories, and conduct analyses of your data. You may work with text, graphics, audio and video sources.

Last updated: 23 May 2015

Gallery is an open source web-based photo album organizer that enables the integration of albums into websites. The newest edition includes video and audio sharing.

Last updated: 8 May 2015

A software tool for the manipulation of audio recordings. Wavesurfer provides basic audio editing function, such as excision, copying, pasting, zero-crossing adjustment, and effects such as fading, normalization, echo, inversion, reversal, replacement with silence, and DC-removal.


Code license: Open source
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

ECHODamp is a multi-channel audio mixer and echo controller designed primarily for the High-Bandwidth Musical Video-teleconference environment and is meant for audio-engineers and musicians to share high quality audio in video-teleconferencing.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

EXMARaLDA (Extensible Markup Language for Discourse Annotation) is a system of concepts, data formats and tools for the computer assisted transcription and annotation of spoken language, and for the construction and analysis of spoken language corpora.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

VoiceWalker has fine-grained controls for playing back audio and video to facilitate transcription.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Zamzar converts between a wide variety of formats (including support for word processing documents, audio, images, video, and ebooks) and emails the result to the user.

Last updated: 21 Aug 2016

A software application for the playback of audio recordings. SoundScriber offers specific functionality for researchers that wish to transcribe a recording. It was originally developed for use in the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE) project and released for use by academics performing similar work.


  • Audio playback via installed audio codecs (e.g. Wav, MP3)
  • Variable speed playback
Code license: GNU GPL, Open source
Last updated: 29 Jan 2015

HearPlanet is a real-time audio tour guide. This application plays audio tracks based on points of interest surrounding your current location; it pulls from Wikipedia as well as user-created content and other partners. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android OS.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Journler is a daily notebook and entry based information manager. Scholars, teachers, students, writers, and everyday users may use this on a daily basis to integrate their notebook content to other sources of media such as audio and video.

The site has not been updated since 201. It looks like Journaler is now available open source though the option to purchase is still displayed.

Code license: Open source
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

InqScribe is a software for transcription and subtitling. You may view and transcribe audio or video side-by-side. You may insert blocks of text, time codes, as well as convert your transcript into a subtitled movie.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

MacSpeech Scribe is a transcription software that allows you to create your own personal transcriptions, and supports a wide variety of audio file formats.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Stories Matter is an oral history database that allows you to cut, index, and export audio and video recordings.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

ELAN is a tool for creating annotations on multiple layers on audio and video resources. The textual content of annotations is in Unicode and the transcription is stored in XML.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

Project Pad is web-based system for media annotation and collaboration for teaching and learning and scholarly applications. Project Pad provides tools for browsing and working with audio, video, and images from digital repositories. The user may organize and annotate excerpts within their own "online notebook." Available as a standalone web application or set of Sakai tools.

Code license: Open source, GPL
Last updated: 29 Dec 2014

flokoon displays search results from, YouTube, and Fotolia in a graphic interactive map, that connects related topics through a series of spiderweb-like graphics.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2014
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