The Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities (TaDiRAH; on Github and DARIAH) was developed in 2013-2014 through an iterative process of community feedback. TaDiRAH breaks down the research lifecycle into high-level "goals", each with a set of "methods". The goals and methods are the core of TaDiRAH, and are a controlled vocabulary, albeit one open to periodic revision. To suggest a revision, please file an issue on Github.

In addition to goals/methods, TaDiRAH includes open lists of "techniques" (which are more specific than methods, and may be used with more than one method) and "research objects".

DiRT is one of the first projects to adopt TaDiRAH. The TaDiRAH feed importer for Drupal (forthcoming on Github) draws from TaDiRAH as implemented on DiRT.

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